Antibiotic awareness: important messages on antibiotic use from Public Health England: This document explains how to use antibiotics responsibly for patients, animal keepers and pet owners

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These Department of Health videos are designed to be easily digested guides informing patients about appropriate antibiotic use. They can make a difference to the patients’ expectations about when to expect antibiotics:
Dog Video:
Duck Video:
Parrot Video:

Invisible Conditions Campaign in association with the Care Quality Commission

About the #InvisibleConditions campaign:
Nearly one in three people in England has a long-term condition, and many of these conditions are ‘invisible’ or not easily noticeable to someone else. People with long term conditions are less likely to report feeling involved in their care. Will you share your experience of care? The Care Quality Commission needs people with invisible or long term conditions to tell them about your care, good or bad. Your experiences will help CQC inspectors decide when, where and what to inspect and they could stop poor care happening to someone else in the future.
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CQC have partnered with a national stakeholder that is an expert in each of the conditions we will be featuring during our campaign. To find out more about each featured condition, please see the links below:
Monday – Heart Disease – British Heart Foundation
Tuesday – Osteoporosis – National Osteoporosis Society
Free Helpline – 0808 800 0035
Wednesday – COPD – British Lung Foundation
COPD Patient Passport –
Breath Test –
Thursday – Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) – Crohn’s & Colitis UK
Friday – Mental Health – Mind