Greenford Community Market Feb 2015

Once again Greenford High Street hosted its monthly community market event. Check out the pictures taken that day and see the local residents thoroughly engaged. GNP got the word out about the Greenford Community Market logo design competition. Ealing Bubble were present who promote connections within the community for activities or events that are currently taking place. The Youth enterprise braved the windy conditions and displayed homemade cakes, Mothers Day wrapped sweets along with designer hats and childrens toys for sale.

Health is still a key feature at these events. Free fruit was given out to passers by to support the Sugar Swap campaign with lots of information about healthy living along with a Smoke-free representative. Natural Treats offered alternative herbal skin care amongst an assortment of beauty products. Agile Vibes healthy slim shakes, unique wristbands and glitter lipsticks were also on sale. The Silverstar mobile diabetes unit tested 38 people throughout the day and has been a popular attraction over the last few months.

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