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What GNP Community Forum can offer you as an organisation

We are keen to support groups in working together and increasing their capacity and income. We want to promote all the good work that you do and provide a voice for your group at the strategic decision-making levels so that we can really make a change for our residents.

We are also involved in public health promotion and work with partnership residents’ associations across the GNP area to promote the messages and develop projects that meet the needs of residents.

We are keen to find residents’ associations and organisations who want to get involved. We can offer:

Development and capacity building
a) An organisation health-check
b) Policy and Procedure information and updates
c) Funding support and strategy development
d) Access to good practice standards and training information
e) A voice at strategic level
f) Access to partnership opportunities
g) Information about community events
h) Publicity of your events and activities
Health information and publicity support and activities through Public Health Funding
a) A link worker, Zeina Mehio who will provide information about events, current public health messages and support to provide services at community events etc
b) Health promotion posters up but also will have space for your community messages.
c) If relevant, taster sessions of sports, nutrition and Let’s Get Cooking demonstrations
d) If appropriate, a Let’s Get Cooking 4-week course with a community feast on the 5th week
e) Ongoing access to information and training until March 2015 (ongoing if the funding continues)
f) A link on the GNP website to promote your organisation and activities
g) Partnership working with other groups to deliver funded activities
h) DOSH – a financial-confidence project that is keen to support your residents and members


We are happy to come and meet you at your convenience to discuss this further.
Please let us know if your organisation might be interested in working with us. Contact