World Mental Health Day & Healthy Mind; Healthy body Event

World Mental Health Day Monday 10th October 2016 The theme of this year’s WMHD is “Mental Health First Aid For All”

What is Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)?
Mental Health First Aid is an educational course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person who may be developing a mental health issue. In the same way as we learn physical first aid, Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to recognise those crucial warning signs of mental ill health. The programme was first developed in Australia and is now used throughout the world to teach people the skills needed to recognise mental ill health and in the UK MHFA is run by MHFA England. You can find out more information and your nearest course by visiting their website. Alternatively contact Twining Enterprise, the local provider for MHFA training.

This World Mental Health Day, MHFA England is calling on everyone to “Take 10 Together”. Check in on someone – a friend, a family member, a colleague or student – and have a 10-minute conversation with them about their mental health and wellbeing. Bring Mental Wellbeing on a par with Physical Wellbeing.

This World Mental Health Day, we should all Take 10 Together because:
10 million people in the UK will experience a mental health issue each year;
10% of children aged 5 to 16 have a diagnosable mental health issue;
MHFA England has a goal to train 1 in 10 of the population to receive Mental Health First Aid Training.

Make a difference on 10.10.16. You can find out more information with access to downloadable materials here:

For more information about mental health, resources and what is available locally click here:

Healthy Mind; Healthy Body Event
Wednesdays 16th November
Lido Centre, 63 Mattock Lane, W13 9LA
10am – 2pm
On Wednesday 16th November, and as part of Self Care week (14 – 20 November), Ealing CVS is hosting a unique event for voluntary sector organisations, Healthy Mind; Healthy Body! How else can you support your volunteers, colleagues, friends, family and service users? Come along and find out. Organisations have an opportunity to come along to this drop in event to find out more about why looking after your mind is so important and what opportunities and easy to use tools there are available to support this. Physical health problems can lead to mental ill health but were you aware that metal ill health can have a huge effect on your physical wellbeing too? Do you know why it is important to have a healthy mind? Why should we bother about keeping our mind healthy if we feel well? Come along to this event and find out

Self Care week and Alcohol Awareness week take place between 14 – 20 November. This event will encompass important information on self care and alcohol awareness that you won’t want to miss! Healthy Mind; Healthy Body will provide you with opportunities to find out more about how you can look after your mind with taster relaxation techniques available. More info here:

Add the date to your diary – not to be missed!